Noise Mitigation Products (NMP) provides solutions for acoustic
related issues across a variety of industries.

Noise is not just unpleasant, it can be a major source of expense and loss of productivity.

  • Safety – Noise problems can cause fatigue, that can result in accidents and lead to higher worker compensation claims and higher insurance costs.
  • Productivity – Noise problems can cause interference in communications that lead to a decrease in quality of work.

NMP can help identify the source and provide solutions and products to help control the noise.

Some strategies include:

  • Creating an enclosure or barrier to keep the noise contained.
  • Installing sound absorbing products pipe wraps for machines and equipment to absorb the noise.

Options for Noise Control

  • Treat the Area with Sound Absorption Products
  • Treat the Wall around the Noise
  • Build a Barrier or Partial Enclosure
  • Build a Complete Enclosure


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